When the first Miracle League began in 1998, it began with the purpose to fulfill a need. That need was for a program for disabled children to be able to participate in an organized sport, a sport that they perhaps watched a sibling or friend play easily. The Miracle League was formed and became a reality so that all children should have the chance to play baseball. The defining element of a Miracle League field is in the field itself. To be safe for wheelchairs, walkers, and crutches, a special cushioned, rubberized non-latex surface was created to prevent falling hazards. It is laid over a base of asphalt or concrete to provide support and it is weather resistant and durable. Base lines and bases can be fully integrated into the surface in different colors to eliminate any obstacles for wheelchair-bound or visually impaired players. In addition to the field surface, wheelchair accessible dugouts, score boards, bleachers, and amenities such as accessible bathrooms are included in the plans. 
• Every player bats once each inning
• All players are safe on the bases
• Every player scores a run before the inning is over (last one up gets a home run)
• Community children and volunteers serve as ‘buddies’ to assist the players
• Each team and each player wins every game
“Buddies” are people who assist the Miracle League players. These buddies are mainstream children who play baseball, and perhaps belong to youth church groups, or boys and girls scouts, or Little League to mention a few. As they learn about each other in the Miracle League, their association in schools grow and life-long connections form. Not only is this field for the children, it is also beneficial for disabled veterans or those in assisted living who are still mobile and would like to be active in some form. The Miracle League field is a chance for communities to unite together for a good purpose that benefit all who participate.

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